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November Meeting

posted Nov 13, 2011, 8:25 AM by Loddon Quilters
It was our 50th. Meeting last month and Pris was awarded a long service certificate and gift to
show our appreciation of all her hard work at all those meetings – thanks Pris, keep up the good
Show and Tell was, as usual, inspiring – check out the website for photos.

We are all pleased to hear that Lois is making progress and we have made her an honorary
member, we hope she will soon be well enough to call in and see what we are doing.

Subscriptions – Jackie has almost all the subscriptions in now, if you haven't yet paid

please do so as soon as possible.

Reminder – signing in

The 'register' is now left by the kitchen hatch, so that you can tick off your name when you
collect your tea/coffee.

Hall Entrance

There has been a memo from the chairman of the Village Hall Management Committee
reminding us to use the side entrance and not to use the emergency exits except in an emergency.
The disabled parking spaces are to be moved to the side of the car park and the hall floor is to be
repaired. A copy of the email is on the notice board.

Joan is setting up a 'scrappy box'. This will be a box of donated scrap material which will
be cut up into squares or strips for use in charity or group quilts. It will be an ideal opportunity to
practice rotary cutting if you are a novice or to make use of any spare time you may have during
a meeting. How useful this is will depend on you, everyone welcomed the idea last month – now
we have to make it work!

Block of the month

A reminder about our Olympics/sporting blocks -
There will be 10 blocks over the next few months, featuring different techniques. Each block will
be pieced and have an appliqué silhouette added. It is up to you how many blocks you make and
whether you add the appliqué, or whether you just have the appliqué on a plain block.
Colours are up to you, as many or as few as you like, multicoloured blocks could be co-ordinated
by the silhouettes; if you want one fabric represented in every block it would be a good idea to
buy at least ½ a metre.
The sports we are planning to represent are – 2 athletics i.e.field and track, gymnastics, sailing,
equestrian, basketball, hockey, swimming, cycling and the Olympics.
If you find a block you like and think represents a sport, that's fine, you don't have to follow our
suggestions – its your quilt!
Some ideas for silhouettes are attached this month to start you off and you can use your own
ideas or share them with us.

Last month we started with an 'athletics' block.
This month the block is' Gymnastics'. It is a straightforward block practising half triangles; take
care lining up the seams. We will have a short demonstration, but if you want a reminder about
half triangles check out this website for good instructions

For those of you who missed Pris' workshop on landscapes, she will repeat it this month –
materials list attached.

December is our Christmas party, starting at 2 o'clock– an early reminder that we have a free
raffle (but we need prizes) ,a Christmas party gift (a mug rug rolled and tied with a ribbon), and
Christmas card with a Christmas tea (a small contribution would be appreciated). We want you to
be there so don't worry if you cannot contribute any of the above – be sure to bring yourself.

Diary Date

Treacle Quilters meet in Tadley, fortnightly.
Details on the notice board.

Loddon Quilters December meeting – Thursday 15th. December 11.30 – 4.15p.m.
Loddon Quilters,
Nov 13, 2011, 8:51 AM